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I present at the Success Smart Users Conference as a pay it forward to others for the help and resources that others have given me over the years.  We all have extremely busy schedules both professionally and personally.  I hope that by sharing a new resource or way to instruct using the SMARTBoard the teachers will utilize those tools to improve student success. I feel that I get paid to present at this conference through the compliments of appreciation from attendees after the session and by email later.

The area of growth for me is when I get 30 classroom teachers all looking critically at a lesson and brainstorming new ways to use it or extensions to the lesson.  I love it when I get a question such as “I teach this level and content area, do you think I can adapt this lesson for my purposes?” We then collaborate on a way to do it. Of course, I add that “new tool” to my toolbox that I take with me to my classroom as I work with adult learners on best practices implementing SMARTBoard instruction.

I enjoy seeing the sharing that goes on among the teachers from the numerous school districts that attend. Some come from very far away while most are from the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Region but regardless of where they travel from the excitement of being among colleagues with a shared interest in using SMARTBoard technology to help their students is visible.

I have enjoyed joining participants at lunch and learning more about the resources, lessons, and practices in their schools. Educators all face the same challenges and shared goals. There are creative ways some districts and schools use to best stretch their money and prepare their students.

So while it is a long day, I look forward to it each year.


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A great opportunity I have been afforded is to be a presenter of the SMART Users Conference. Being a presenter has allowed me to work collaboratively with other teachers in our county as well as other counties.  I have been using a Smartboard and its software for more than five years.  It has revolutionized the way I teach and deliver lessons to my students.  Because the Smartboard has had a huge impact on how I teach, I wanted to share what I’ve learned with other teachers.  I have been a presenter for two consecutive years and my sessions are geared towards middle and high school math teachers who may have much, little or no experience with the SmartBoard.  The SMARTBoard is one of the most important tools available today.  The way we use it can make a huge difference in preparation and presentation of any lesson.  This exciting tool can motivate students to pay attention and participate in the class. In this age of technical advancement, it is extremely important that we as educators be engaged with the latest technology for the classroom.  If you’re are looking to improve student learning and want to refine your ability to deliver engaging SMARTBoard lessons - this conference is for you!  Whether you are a novice or advanced after attending the conference your students will be more engaged and excited about learning and will be eager to attempt problems on their own using a SMART Board.  Don’t meet me there! Beat me there! Oh, by the way did I mention that it’s a lot of fun?

Anthony McPhee

Math Teacher Yorktown High School

Arlington Public Schools

The SUCCESS Conference

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The SMART conference has been just great! I have done sessions that are geared for beginners.The ability to puteach of the participants in front of a computer and give them first hand experience with the SMART software is huge! I have also run a two hour hands on question and answer session and the participants gave really positive feedback from that.

The hands on experiences really help to cement the concepts - The variety of topics offered in the conference , I think draws a wide variety of participants. I have also been able to attend sessions when I am not training and the variety of sessions continues to be wonderful - over the past several years I have been interested in attending  more sessions than I had time to take! Having the conference at Kenmore is great - lots of parking and it is easy to get to. I always look forward to getting my email telling me it is time to register.

Lee Dorman

Presenting at SUCCESS

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Being a presenter at SUCCESS is, first of all, great fun.  It also helps me grow as a teaching professional because it forces me to reflect on my own practice.  When presenting to colleagues, you are not simply showing how to use the SMART Board to present content; you are showing WHY you personally believe this is a SUPERIOR way to teach children.  That takes deep reflection about your own teaching philosophy and instructional practice; something we don't often do because we are gearing up for the next high-stakes test.  Did I mention that it's also great fun?!

                          Lilo Stephens
                          7th Grade Social Studies.

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